WIOA Program Services

Basic Career Services (Adults and Dislocated Workers):

  • Outreach, intake and orientation to the information, services, programs, tools, and resources available through the Local workforce system.
  • Initial assessments of skill level(s), aptitudes, abilities and supportive service needs.
  • In and out of area job search and placement assistance (including provision of information on in-demand industry sectors and occupations and non-traditional employment).
  • Access to employment opportunity and labor market information.
  • Performance information and program costs for eligible providers of training, education, and workforce services.
  • Information on performance of the local workforce system.
  • Information and meaningful assistance on unemployment Insurance claim filing.
  • Determination of potential eligibility for workforce Partner services, programs, and referral(s).
  • Information and assistance in applying for financial aid for training and education programs not provided under WIOA.

Individualized Career Services (Adult and Dislocated Workers):

  • Comprehensive and specialized assessments of skill levels and service needs.
  • Development of an individual employability development plan to identify employment goals, appropriate achievement objectives, and appropriate combination of services for the customer to achieve the employment goals.
  • Referral to training services.
  • Supportive Services such as child care, transportation, housing, uniforms, etc.
  • Group counseling.
  • Literacy Activities related to work readiness.
  • Individual counseling and career planning.
  • Case management for customers seeking training services; individual in and out of area job search, referral and placement assistance. 
  • Work experience, transitional jobs, registered apprenticeships, and internships.
  • Workforce preparation services (e.g.. development of learning skills, punctuality, communication skills, interviewing skills, personal maintenance, literacy skills, financial literacy skills, and professional conduct) to prepare individuals for unsubsidized employment or training.
  • Post-employment follow-up services and support ( -> This is not an individualized career service but listed here for completeness).  

Training services (Adult and Dislocated Workers):

  • Occupational skills training through Individual Training Accounts (ITAs)
  • Adult education and literacy activities, including English language acquisition (ELA), provided in combination with the training services described above.
  • On-the-Job Training (OJT).
  • Incumbent Worker Training.
  • Programs that combine workplace training with related instruction which may include cooperative education.
  • Training programs operated by the private sector.
  • Skill upgrading and retraining.
  • Entrepreneurial training.
  • Customized Training Conducted with a commitment by an employer or group of employers to employ an individual upon successful completion of the training. 

Youth Services:

  • Tutoring, study skills and instruction leading to secondary school completion, including dropout prevention strategies.
  • Alternative secondary school offerings, or dropout recovery service.
  • Paid and unpaid work experiences, including internships, summer employment, pre-apprenticeship programs, job shadowing and on job training.  
  • Occupation skill training.
  • Education offered concurrently with an in the same context as workforce preparation activities and training.
  • Leadership development opportunities.
  • Supportive services.
  • Adult mentoring for a duration of at least twelve months.
  • Follow-up services.
  • Comprehensive guidance and counseling.
  • Financial literacy. 
  • Entrepreneurial skills training.
  • Services that provide labor market and employer information in the local area.
  • Activities that help youth to prepare for and transition to post secondary education and training.  

Serving Cleburne, Fulton, Independence, Izard, Jackson, Sharp, Stone, Van Buren, White and Woodruff Counties in north central Arkansas.

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