Areawide Clearinghouse

White River Planning and Development District, Inc. serves as the Areawide Intergovernmental Clearinghouse, reviewing many grant applications each year to reduce duplication and overlap between grant funded projects. For more information on the Areawide Clearinghouse, Contact Us or call (870) 793-5233.

Grant application information received by the White River Areawide Clearinghouse is forwarded from the District level to the Arkansas State Clearinghouse. All Applicants requesting Federal grant funds from any source are required by State Act 498 of 1983 and Federal Executive Order 12372 of 1982 to submit a copy of their complete application to the State Clearinghouse for review and comment.

This process has been created to allow those who were not in the planning stages of the application to be able to voice an opinion or make recommendations about a project, to eliminate the duplication of effort by more than one agency, and to be a mechanism that informs the public of project activity throughout the state. For State Clearinghouse information, visit the State Clearinghouse webpage.

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